Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Apparently it is unforgivable that I have not posted pictures yet on my blog. So here is one of my beautiful, darling girl. She is an angel child, a rule follower (she often gets on to me for not following the rules). She is also at a very inquisitive age. She asks me questions daily, and I have to think up an answer. I say this bc in most cases I don’t have a correct answer.

Some examples:

Ryan: Mom, why is the sky blue?
Me: because it’s God’s favorite color

Ryan: Where does rain come from?
Me: the ceiling

Ryan: Why do you and Daddy like to go out?
Me: Because you people are exhausting
Ryan: Huh?
Me: I mean because I like to spend time with Daddy

Ryan: Why are you taking pictures of me?
Me: Because I am a blogger now, and that is the rules. Now pipe down.

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  1. when did she get so big??? she was just born! :) welcome to the blogger world :)