Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Ahhh Joby....this one keeps me on my toes. But he is so sweet too. And just look at him, so stinkin cute! With that being said I could literally right a post about him daily about all the trouble he gets himself into. Sometimes it is so bad, I just have to keep from crying. Like the time he poured children's tylenol all over our carpet. He must of heard about the recall and was just concerned for our safety. Or like the many times he gets a hold of a marker/pen/crayon and marks on the walls and pretty furniture. He is so smart, he can get through almost anything meant to be childproof. Just yesterday he poured out a big bottle of shampoo onto the floor. I didnt know this until I walked into my bathroom and slipped. I tried to use him to break the fall, but he ran off. (don't judge me, self preservation is a strong instinct)
He also has no regard for his own personal safety. When we get around a pool, he often times just jumps into the deep end before I am even in there. and yes, I have had to jump in with my clothes on before. He was just smiling at me like "mom isnt this fun!" I could go on and on about his daily antics. Just as I write this I am looking at him and you can tell he is thinking about what he could do next to stir things up a bit. He definately keeps life interesting!


  1. I think all families need one of those. They bring so much joy and yet keep us going all of the time. Keeps us young, right? Ha! :) He is such a cutie.

  2. I think this might be a good reason to stop at 2....we'll see. He is the cutest little thing ever and he sure is growing!


  3. okay i just laughed out loud picturing you trying to use him to break your fall! ha ha! that's hilarious!

  4. Alright Carrie... I had to comment... Jennah and I were talking about y'all today, and these posts are hilarious. Well done, sister!