Saturday, May 15, 2010

Silly Rules

Ok those of you who have adopted or are adopting probably can relate. I have had it up to here (I am reaching for the ceiling) with all the silly rules of adoption. I mean you could forget to sign your full name to a document and you may not get a child. Or dont even get me started on notaries. and dates. and who needs original documents and who needs a copy. and if you use a copy be sure to add another paper that states this is in fact a copy of the original. and so on and so on. It is comical really, silliness often is. the fact is that you may not be approved to adopt a baby if you pick your nose, or maybe you dont wash your hands after every time you pee, , or maybe you like to inhale large amounts of chocolate, or maybe you let your kids play with the dead mouse in the garage just to keep them enertained....

wait what?

ok im not proud of that last one :)

Im just teasing by the way, I only let them play with it for a second.
no really I didnt


  1. Or there is me...One day at Murphy Park, the ducks and geese got aggressive. I instictively thrust our daughter (the only daughter at the time) in front of me to protect myself. You mean things like that? :) Somehow we got to bring home two kiddos anyway. But there are a lot of silly rules! PS You are cracking me up.

  2. Ha! Libby I knew you would say that! You are so predictable! You pick your nose too! How else would the bugers go away?

  3. "i hate being a forgone conclusion" - Thomas Crown Affair

  4. ha! love it! My thoughts exactly!!!