Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Ok I know it has been forevs since I have blogged. Let me explain...
So I had surgery a few weeks back. Doc removed an ovary, my appendix, and my cervix. I had been having trouble with pain in my ovary, I already don't have a uterus, so he decided to take the right ovary and the cervix out. Then I asked him to remove my appendix while he was in there. Seemed to me with my streak I would end up having appendicitis sooner or later so it was a preemptive strike.
Anyways surgery went fine (at least I thought). This surgery is usually an outpatient surgery....meaning that you go home the same day. My doctor decided to keep me because I am usually so sick after surgery from the general anesthesia. Well that night I started hurting really bad, like worse than childbirth pain. Like worse than what I think jumping off a building might feel like. My heart rate was around 160 laying down, my blood pressure got really low, and I was white as a sheet. It all feels like a bad dream. Anyways after drawing blood and studying me for awhile they determined I was bleeding internally. So guess what? I had to go back into surgery that next morning. Turns out I lost somewhere between 4 to 6 pints of blood and was hours away from organ failure. Crazy huh? I didn't know any of this until after or I might have been freaking out. But I was pretty calm. They gave me a blood transfusion and some iron and sent me on my way.

Looking back on it now I feel so blessed that I have God to watch over me. Just think if I had gone home after surgery instead of staying in the hospital, that decision probably saved my life. But it wasn't really the doc, it was God. He knew, He cared. It is amazing to me that He loves us that much! How great are His affections!

Oh and the surgeon told me my appendix was inflamed and looked like it would rupture any day. Another miracle.

So sorry for the prolonged absence I realize your day rises and falls on my whereabouts. I apologize. :)

I hope to be back to my regular self soon. When I post again I would like to discuss peoples infatuation with all things pumpkin. It shouldn't even be classified as food. Its weird.


  1. Girl, you are not going to have any organs left if you keep this stuff up...Praise the Lord for watching over you! Praying for you and your complete recovery. Love ya lots!


  2. God is good! Thankful that is all behind you and hopefully you will be completely healed!

    Organs are overrated...ha! You've just narrowed it down to the ones that count :-)

    Seriously, glad to see you out last weekend and hope you keep doing well!

  3. Oh.my.goodness.
    Carrie, I'm so glad you're okay. God has some big plans for you!

  4. Well, Carrie, my day does in fact rise and fall with your blogging. I'm praying for your total healing and that you feel tip topity shape super fast. ;)