Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Amy is a great friend of mine, she is so sweet and wonderful. We get along great and we always have a good time. This story is not about amy, she does not appear in this story.

Like I said amy and I get along great, BUT we do differ on one subject. Butter. Amy doesnt believe in it, Butter is the lifeline of my recipes. So you see this is a problem. I try to respect other peoples point of view, i just cant wrap my head around the fact that she doesnt like butter.

Anyways I was at Walmart today and guess who I saw? Amy. And guess what she was doing? She was in the dairy section checking out the butter! I couldn't believe my eyes! This is when I decided I would come up behind her and scare her. I realize this is completely childish. I don’t care. I am proudly capable of being that way at any given moment. Welcome to one of those moments.

So I creep up behind her and say "What do you think you are doing?" I was just about to say something else clever.....

Did I mention that Amy does not appear in this story?
Amy looked at me. That was the moment I realized that Amy does not appear in this story.

So the women who looked just like Amy from the back looked at me, shocked at my rudeness. Realizing my mistake, I turned about 10 shades of red and I apologized quickly and explained how she looked like someone I knew, that person would have thought what I said was funny and that I was not a crazy person. We both had a good laugh; more of a nervous laugh from me. I got what I needed from the shelf and went directly to the register to pay and get out of the store as soon as possible.

I am still a little shaken by the whole ordeal. It may be awhile before I try to scare someone in the store again.

oh and Joby dropped a dozen eggs on the floor while we were there, i almost completely forgot about that.


  1. Thanks for sharing your funnies! Love them lots!


  2. i just laughed out loud through most of this :) loved it!!

  3. can you send me that link for the waitlist? I also don't have your cell number, thought I did but i don't. Could you send me that too! thanks! Good to see you and your kids today!